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Wedding Planner vs. In-house Wedding Coordinator

We haven’t blogged for a while so we wanted to post something informative and hopefully a little insightful for any future Brides and Grooms.

When planning a wedding, there are always the top items that get discussed by all involved. Which venue? What type of food? How will you entertain your guests? But as you get stuck into the nitty gritty of your day, other questions start to rear their heads. One being, what is the difference between an in-house Wedding Coordinator and a Wedding Planner? This is a question I get asked regularly so I thought it right to clear this up!

Most venues will now offer you the opportunity to meet with their in house Wedding Coordinator. Lulworth Castle is one example where they offer in-house Wedding Coordinators. Blue Bay Events are one of 2 recommended Wedding Planners though.

Blue Bay Events are recommended Wedding Planners for Lulworth Castle
Blue Bay Events are recommended Wedding Planners for Lulworth Castle

Wedding Coordinators are hired specifically for this venue to work on all things wedding! They are the wedding guru and should be there to offer tips, support and guidance to all couples who visit. They are also there to sell the venue. With this in mind, the chances are they are going to do everything in their power to ensure that you see how perfect their venue is and stop you from looking elsewhere!

A good in-house Wedding Coordinator should have you booked with them before you leave the venue!

Once you have booked their venue, the in-house Coordinator should become your main point of contact. Each venue will offer you a different level of service from their in house team but the majority will provide you with wedding consultations, an opportunity to meet the catering team (if in house and if applicable), email and telephone communication regarding any queries surrounding your big day. You should then have a dress rehearsal and the Wedding Coordinator should be there throughout your celebrations to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Your in-house coordinator should ensure that all of the logistics of your day at their venue have been met and achieved to the highest level.

The BIG Difference…

A Wedding Planner is someone who becomes a little more involved than your in house Wedding Coordinator. Whilst your Wedding Coordinator is dedicated to the venue first and the couples second, your Wedding Planner is there for you as a couple first and foremost. This means that your Wedding Planner is able to be entirely non-biased about any of your decisions. Yes, they may have recommended suppliers who they know will offer you a fantastic service, but they should not force these people upon you if you have already got your suppliers lined up. The same goes for the venue.

Your Wedding Planner should be able to guide you with all your choices as you so require. If you need them there on the groom’s suit fitting day, they should be there. If you need them to take button holes to Uncles and Aunts at different locations on the morning of the wedding, they can!

Blue Bay Events exclusively manage Weddings at Durlston Castle
Blue Bay Events exclusively manage Weddings at Durlston Castle

Our Wedding Planners have access to the best Dorset and Purbeck Wedding Suppliers. That means we will fight your corner to get you the best deal and make your budget go much further than expected!

Many say that your Wedding Planner becomes your second pair of eyes and ears on your big day, and this is how it should be. By hiring a Wedding Planner, you are choosing to have someone involved to the highest level of your special day. Make sure this person is right for you!

Dorset Wedding Planners, Blue Bay Events offer Award Winning Wedding Planning and work with exclusive Dorset Wedding Venues. We offer a FREE no obligation meeting and can offer you the service you require on your special day.