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The Lulworth Wedding Weekender

One of the best parts about being a wedding planner is that no wedding is the same as the last. When Ariana contacted me, she was already enjoying every part of the wedding planning process herself, but had realised, that with busy careers, herself and her fiancé Perran, could do with some[…]

A Wedding Weekend Full Of Surprises

In every wedding planner’s career, they should have the opportunity to manage a wedding like that of Scott and Paul’s! On first meeting this couple, it became very clear, very quickly, that this wedding was going to be a little more unique than others! Especially when during that said meeting,[…]

To corkage or not to corkage?

Corkage…. It’s a word that many couples dread. It is also a word that is sometimes misunderstood. There are lots of mixed feelings towards the point of corkage and whether it is an unfair, unnecessary charge inflicted on couples just to bump up the price of their wedding even more.[…]

Wedding Planner vs. In-house Wedding Coordinator

We haven’t blogged for a while so we wanted to post something informative and hopefully a little insightful for any future Brides and Grooms. When planning a wedding, there are always the top items that get discussed by all involved. Which venue? What type of food? How will you entertain[…]

Dorset Wedding Planners

The Dorset Wedding Awards – We Did It!

The Dorset Wedding Awards Blue Bay Events were thrilled to be nominated for the Dorset Wedding Planner of the Year Award at the Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards.  The awards were were held at the beautiful Bournemouth Pavilion on Friday 27th November 2015. We have been nominated in the past and[…]